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Practical Applications

Weather proof and tested to -50C,
Flex Post Power Pedestals are a convenient source of power for:
  • Block Heaters
  • Electric Cars
  • Golf Carts
  • Convenience Power

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Power pedestals for the 21st Century


Non-destructible, rust-proof parking lot receptacles

Our non-destructible parking lot plug-in receptacles are impervious to weather, wo't rust and won't break, even when hit by a large vehicle.

Flex Post Power Pedestals are made of a highly durable composite material that can withstand just about any destructive force, rain and snow, heat, rust, vandalism and motor vehicle accidents are the most common threats to traditional power pedestals.

Traditional power pedestals are made of metal, which is vulnerable to rust and weather. More significantly, metal pedestals don't give if they are hit by a vehicle, which usually results in damage to the vehicle, the pedestal and the concrete it's bolted into.

Flex Post Power Pedestals are designed to bend but not break when hit by a vehicle, reducing the likelihood of damage to the pedestal and the concrete. When the vehicle moves away, the pedestal returns to its original shape. Plus, the composite material won't be damaged if struck by a vehicle!

Because the Flex Post Power Pedestals is practically indestructible, there is little risk of an electrical short or danger to the public from exposed electrical wires.

Flex Post Power Pedestals are available in a variety of colours, which makes them highly visible. You can also use the colours to designate certain areas of a parking lot to specific groups, such as visitors, management, etc.

As electric cars gain in popularity, more and more drivers will be looking for convenient places to 'power up' their vehicles. Flex Post Power Pedestals are a convenient source of power recharging electric cars and golf carts, as well as plugging in block heaters for those living in cold climates.

non-conductive design

Flex Post Power Pedestals are made of non-metallic composite materials that won't conduct electricity or draw lightning during a thunderstorm.

no maintenance cost

Install your non-destructible Flex Post Power Pedestals and then forget about it! No maintenance or repairs are necessary!

non-destructible weather proof - will not rust

Rain, snow, hail, extreme temperatures, bring it on! Flex Post Power Pedestals will not corrode, rust or crack no matter what type of weather they are exposed to. Colour may fade or change under direct sunlight. Could break with excessive force.



  • Non-destructible power pedestal
  • Bends but won't break
  • Won't damage concrete base
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Fully approved by QAI
  • Retains shape
  • Impervious to all kinds of weather
  • Won't rust, corrode or decay so it's perfect for wet locations
  • Rugged construction to resist damage by vandalism
  • Reduced risk of electrical short or danger to public
  • Highly visible
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